Monday, December 18, 2017


Thank you for coming for the day 18, thank you for the comments, xx.

-10ºC (14F) outside, warm +21ºC (70F) and cozy inside. Parts of the house are warmer than that. I am writing this down here in case some of you wonder how we can cope up here in these cold temperatures. We have thick insulation on the walls, the windows are mostly three layers. If the power lines hold, life is good.
I finished the first of the Christmas socks. I do love the striping, although to be honest, I did not like so much knitting it. Stopping to wrap the yarns around each other every time in the beginning of the row, became quite a task and I was tempted to cast-on for a new pair instead of knitting the second to match this. I will try my best to make a pair… there is the beginning, once the first rows are done, the rest should be easier.
Earlier when I was looking for yarns for these Christmas socks, I came across all (not all, just some) of the odd balls of the leftover sock yarns. I know many are either crocheting or knitting blankets with left-overs, but I don’t feel tempted.
Instead I thought first that I would make an advent calendar for the next year with these leftovers, divide each one into two balls, do some math, how many rows are needed daily to knit advent socks with them, but… next Christmas seems so far away now, that I am not sure.
The second thought was to cast on for a pair of rag-socks and every time, I finish one planned pair, I would knit the rest of the yarn into these rag-socks. No need to think ahead, just my usual sock recipe and what ever color happens to be there that needs to be knit away.
I was talking about this with my friend and she suggested that I could knit the cuffs and heels and maybe toes with the same colors to make the socks more matching, but let the colors in between be whatever is available. It is a good thought.  It would not necessarily need to be the cuffs or heels that would be the same, it could be some other part as well, maybe similar stripes around the ankles. Dark blue, black, dark grey – they all would work as contrast colors. I have some yarns that I regret a little bit for buying, maybe I could bury them too into these rag-socks. I realize, I could just keep these odd balls and mend with them later if needed, but I did love most of these yarns and would like to use them until the very end.
I will cast-on for a pair of rag-socks. It might turn out to be something inspiring. Have strict parameters: socks with some matching parts but all the freedom in the world to play with yarns (colors, stripes, stitch patterns) in between. Sounds like a good idea, but it might turn out to be quite the opposite.
I wonder if this is just an excuse to drop the striped sock… The deal was to knit the left overs… that is once the actual pair is done.

Wool with you,

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Little angel wings

I made tiny angel wings yesterday. Tried several different versions, thought first that the white pair was good, but decided to go with the blue ones in the end…

but cats have cats’ ways.
You cannot force one to wear wings.

Wool with you,